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In our studio you are not an eternal model! For everyone, without exception, there is a career ladder from the model to the manager of several studios, with a salary and a percentage of the earnings of all the studios you manage.

Profit calculation

We give out your earnings 2 times a month*. The calculation is made at the most favorable dollar to hryvnia exchange rate, you can always find it out from the administrators and get full reporting on all your earnings. We are honest with you!
* During the Promotion period, the first 5 days of work, earnings are issued at the end of the shift

Registration on sites

Thanks to partnership agreements with online broadcasting sites, we have the opportunity to register models who, for some reason, ended up in the BAN on them. Even if you do not have the necessary documents, we can create an account for you and give you the opportunity to earn.

Support for Models and Young Admins

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our team, we can help in solving any problems and tasks on your way, our tasks are distributed and delegated, all models and administrators have the opportunity for instant support and assistance on all issues.

Треугольник лого_edited.png

The ideal ecosystem of the VEYRONA studio

Our studio takes care of its employees, so we recruit professionally trained specialists and train those who wish. Join us and find out what it means to work in a well-coordinated team of professionals.

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