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Comfort and location

Our offices are  in the central part of the cities of Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro

Kharkiv- studios are temporarily closed due to the military situation in the region
Kyiv- all studios are open and working in full mode
Dnieper- opening soon (currently TEST)


For your convenience, the most productive working conditions have been created. Each room has its own air conditioning, each room is cleaned individually, there are all the necessary items for your comfort. In such conditions, you will be able to realize yourself as productively as possible without being distracted by environmental factors that are uncomfortable for you. All rooms are separate and do not let in sound, so you stay on your own and no one will disturb you without your permission. We can also guarantee the privacy of your communication on the network.

The conditions for locating offices also play an important role. 

Our offices are located in the city center and you can choose* a convenient office for yourself, which you can get to by transport at first. Why only the first time?
Because the models of the VEYRONA studio already from the first week earn enough not to travel by public transport, but to travel exclusively by taxi, and later, during the first 6 months, they already have the opportunity to buy a personal car.

* Provided that the selected office has free places in the schedule


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